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Thursday, June 24, 2010

'California Gurls' Music Video - Yummy!

Katy Perry has released the official music video of her latest single - 'California Gurls'. And too much different from everybody's expectation, the video has a 'CandyLand' theme.

When I think of Katy's 'California Gurls', I think of how wild the California girls are, how they party, and how hot they are. But in her video, there was none of these things. The video shows Katy's childhood imaginations, nothing in this video screams about California.

Honestly, I'm very much disappointed with her music video. Her song was supposed to be CA's anthem- but instead of seeing more about the great state, Katy decides to highlight candy and her breasts. LOL. I was expecting for some golden coast, sunk-kissed skin, and "dasiy-dukes bikini's on top"- like what the song says. I was expecting a wild music video, not a AliceinWonderland-like one.

Although I'm disappointed, I still find this video as 'Yummy' - maybe beacause of those candies.

Watch Katy Perry's "California Girls" music video and see for yourself.

Did you love the video?

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2 comments: on "'California Gurls' Music Video - Yummy!"

wisekiddo said...

-ako rin. Akala ko ba rebuttal ito ng 'Empire State of Mind'? Sana mas maganda ang MV.. ang layo kasi sa theme ng kanta ehhh.. PagDisco ang kanta, hindi pangBata...

Anonymous said...

she's copying Gaga!!

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