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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pokwang is Juicy's Ugliest Celebrity in the Philippines

On the August 4 episode of Juicy, they aired ired the list of 20 Ugliest Celebrities in the Philippines. Topping their list as the Ugliest Celebrity is no other than Pokwang.

Here's Juicy's list of Top 20 Ugliest Celebrity in the Philippines.

20. Jerome Sala
19. Franzen Fajardo
18. Bugoy Drilon
17. Rosita of PBB
16. Manny Pacquiao
15. Madam Auring
14. Tita Suarding
13. Empoy
12. Bella Flores
11. Elizabeth Ramsey
10. Bentong
9. Kiray
8. Mahal
7. Dagul
6. Tado
5. Nel Rapiz of PBB
4. Diego
3. Allan K.
2. Chokoleit
1. Pokwang

According to the hosts of the said show, the list is from a video in Youtube.

If it's just a fan-made video on Youtube, why do you think the show used such video, knowing that there's no survey or research made in order to create such list?

May kinalaman kaya ang awayang Pokwang at Dj Mo Twister sa list na toh? As we all know, Dj Mo is a regular host of Juicy.

Do you think Pokwang deserves the "Ugliest Celebrity of the Philippines" title?

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6 comments: on "Pokwang is Juicy's Ugliest Celebrity in the Philippines"

Anonymous said...

grabe naman sila! isama kaya nila si Cristy Fermin sa list nila..

annie said...

wala naman palang matinong basehan sa list nila. INSECURE lang ang mga yan sa kasikatan at blessings na natatamo ni Pkie!!!! Love you pokie!!

Anonymous said...

Kawawa naman si Pokwang.. ang sakit kaya ng ginawa nila.. oo, komedyante sya-- pero nasasaktan din yan.. huhuhu

Anonymous said...

ba't di kasali si melai?? Favoritism atah ito..

Anonymous said...

di kasama si melai ... kahit pangit .. mabait .. si POKWANG pangit na nga ang MUKHA .. pati ng ugali hahahahaha BUTI NGA SAYO !!!

Anonymous said...

TV5 really sucks!!!

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