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Friday, May 7, 2010

Halalan 101 - Ultimate Guide for a Successful Election 2010

Three more days before election 2010.

Lots of questions about our first automated election?? Well, An excellent resource now is made available thanks to ABS-CBN, through their Halalan 101 website.

This site will give you more information about the PCOS machines, our ballots, proper ways to vote and how our votes will be counted/transmitted. A sample ballot was also provided.

Aside from the information posted, you can practice voting  using  an online ballot. >>

The site also has a very elaborate FAQ section, and easy to understand video tutorials. Online users can also participate in both the “live chat” function and discussion forum, also on the site. 
Yes!! This site is indeed very much helpful to all of us. What are you waiting for?? Check-out Halalan 101..


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