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Monday, May 3, 2010

Noynoy Aquino, A Jejemon Politician

When confronted with questions regarding his achievements while in Congress, he becomes a fine example of a Jejemon, defined as someone who talks unintelligibly, veers away from the topic because he doesn't have anything relevant to say, and seemingly has a low IQ. If you observe carefully in the video, even the interviewer was a bit confused with what Aquino answered.

Check out this video most especially in part 0:17 >>

Naintindihan mo ba ang sinabi niya sa part na yon?? Diba Jejemon ang tawag dun?? LOL

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3 comments: on "Noynoy Aquino, A Jejemon Politician"

Anonymous said...

Hahaaa.. Kakatawa naman!!! LOL.. may accomplishment pala siya--- marunong na siyang matulog habang nakatayo.. LOL

Sulong gibo! said...

GIBO for President!!! Gibo, a portrait of a President!!! :D

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