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Friday, April 9, 2010

Jabbawockez is out! Jabbayoteez is in!

With the coming of this new dance group, named as "Jabbayoteez", I'm pretty much sure that ABDC's first grand winner- the Jabbawockez is now afraid. Afraid that their stardom will soon be gone.

Jabbayoteez is composed of Clyton, Jo Earl, Kevin, Mark and me, myself. All coming from the Philippines.

Here's the video of Jabbayoteez debut performance at Hadsan Beach Resort.

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4 comments: on "Jabbawockez is out! Jabbayoteez is in!"

JunCio said...

Hahaaa... Mga Baga'g nawng.... LOL

Anonymous said...

pagka.samani taga.Engineering department??

JunCio said...

Kinsa diay ka??? Hahaa..

Nursing ug BS chem nang 2... Engineering ang 3..

Anonymous said...

Hoy!!! Piste ka!!! invasion of privacy, exposed ako sa akong ka gwapo ( Gwapo ko bantay lang ka kung mo sulod ka sa RM 3)

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