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Friday, April 30, 2010

Philippine Island Assassins- We Like!!

We really love the 7th Monthly Winner of Showtime - the Philippine Island Assassin! 

Organized in Marikina City and with members coming from the different parts of the Philippines, PIA is a dance group who combines B-boy dancing and mixed martial arts. And the result? Incredible and smooth performances. CONTINUE READING>>

So far, I love all their performances in showtime. The "Hanga Factor" and the "Astig Factor" that they have shown during their first performance are still visible in their group in their performance during the monthly finals. I love their routines! From tumbling, headstands, air flares and amazing head spins-- weew!! They performed it with "Angst" and smoothness. 

For me, this group deserves to be the next representative of the Philippines for the upcoming World Hip Hop Dance Championships, replacing the Philippine All Stars. No offense to the Philippine all Stars, but for me, this group is so far -the best in the Philippines. This group is indeed a pride of our country. 

I hope that this group will make it to the Grand Finals of Showtime. And maybe more breaks in the world of dancing. I see a brighter and bigger future for them.

Check these out. PIS performances in showtime:

Well, did you like it?


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4 comments: on "Philippine Island Assassins- We Like!!"

Anonymous said...

sana gawin nla ung headspin with hoolahoop

assasin adik said...

^ sana nga.. Sana mas maraming stunts next tym.. Sana sila ang manalo..

Anonymous said...

tynks po sa gumawa nito... tynks din po sa mga patuloy na sumosuporta at naniniwala sa grupo nmen maraming salamat po.. gagawin po nmen lahat ng mkakaya nmen sa grandfinals para sa inyo... BBOY MAFIA of P.I.A

JunCio said...

Thank you for promoting this site in your FanPage...

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