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Sunday, April 11, 2010

PBB Teen Clash of 2010, Let The Clash Begin! (Full Coverage)

The most famous house in the Philippines, the Pinoy Big Brother House, once again opened its doors to a new set of housemates — this time consisting of Pinoy teens from all over the world! The housemates were divided into two groups. The first group, consists of teens from the lower class went to the "villa", while the second group, consists of teens from the upper class went to the "apartment".

For those who missed last night's happenings at the PBB house, check out these videos.

Of all the housemates, whose your bet? Drop your answer in the comments' section.

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6 comments: on "PBB Teen Clash of 2010, Let The Clash Begin! (Full Coverage)"

JunCio said...

My vote is for Patricia!!!

trishesz1024 said...

parang si ivan lang ang gwapo.. :| and medyo cute yung 4th guy from the left sa top row. hehe.

ana ako amigo na taga-Davao na bitchy daw na si tricia. (haha. kind of same amo name)

JunCio said...

WEEEEH!!!! Idol rba nah nako!!! Ayaw na awaya!!! LOL

--insecure lang cguro na sya!!!

Conan Hughes said...

PBB freaks! hehe joke ra ^^

Anonymous said...

Tricia ftw!!!!!

ah-leee-saa :]] said...

lol. nganong nahan man kang tricia?

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